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Vigilantly sailing against the tide of "liberty"

from: http://www.mariosechi.it/ who probably got it from AFI or something. That is, the American Film Institute rather than the American punk band.

Disclaimer: The primary purpose of this site is humor – essentially, making fun of the rhetoric surrounding the “threat of libertarianism” that both right and left seem to be flouting recently.

Making fun of this, in a way, makes fun of the 24/7 news cycle and the increasingly polarized politicization of absolutely everything. The fact that it’s 2014 and that most of the posts make fun of the so-called Left is simply because: they are in power, and they engage in petty disingenuity now that they have it. Were it 2006 and Bush and the Neocons in power, they would be the primary target, though they’ll get theirs here and there anyway (even if they make fun of themselves half the time – seriously, it’s like shooting cheap cheese in a supermarket).

It is probably in the best interest of readers that it be stated this site has several ideas running behind it:

1. This is intentional satire, often irreverent.

2. The satire is intended to mock both sides of the political spectrum – far right as well as far left – in their targeting of a specific political ideology.

3. Said specific political ideology – libertarianism – at its basic core seems to be that most people (as in “the people”) are decent and will do well to themselves and others if left relatively unhindered and treated like adults with an IQ above 40.

4. A political stance derived from “libertarian” could be said to be this: socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Or, Liberalism that inherently trusts people to keep most of their wealth.

5. Libertarianism is against the fusion of big business and big government as that fusion impedes the rights of free peoples – through statism and monopolization – or historically, how fascism and communism were in practice.

6. Importantly, the term will be co-opted by the right to push their agendas, typically to enact #5.

The philosophy itself seems to be attacked by those who love crony-capitalism, hence the fierce criticism by the likes of Chuck (I’m a millionaire, so give me your money) Schumer, Nancy (equestrian Cassius who doesn’t need to read) Pelosi, Michele (condoms are murder) Bachman, or Lamar (the internet steals from extremely wealthy feudal lords poor people) Smith.

That’s the intention of this site.

Reductionist? Yes. But, I feel the simple argument of libertarianism is a basic middle ground belief system that humans are decent creatures who would probably recycle without a law making it illegal not to do so.



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