Thomas Piketty is a Genius of our Time!

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May 28, 2014 by smarmos12

Capital in the 21st Century is turning out to be the most ingenious book of the century. French intellectual Thomas Piketty grapples with the inordinate task of explaining how capitalism is ruining all of our lives and will spell the end of civilization as we know it. Personally, I like how he goes back to the source – which is Marx and Das Kapital.

Which is the intent Piketty has, basically, and that is to finish and update Marx’s weighty tome about capitalism. While Marx ingeniously laid everything out, Piketty noted that Marx’s basic thesis was left unanswered. Capitalists strive to constantly expand capitalism and then the expanded capital is further kept from the workers. That this basically happens all the time should require no evidence – I mean, we see it all the time, everywhere – but Piketty exhaustively researches wage and income records from the late 1800s to today.

And you would think “duh, of course it’s obvious to everybody” that wages are decreasing. But libertarians of course deny it. Why? Because that would mean upsetting their delicate little capitalist game of exploitation. I mean, come on, you have a choice here – Ayn Rand, the cigarette smoking atheist who hated people, or Thomas Piketty, who is a healthy Frenchman who wants to help the people.

That doesn’t mean he isn’t angry at the rich. He even says “hey, taxing the wealthy is about hurting them” but who can blame him? I mean, 2008 didn’t happen out of nowhere, did it? NO! It was totally capitalism that did that.

Anyway, his conclusion is that socialism can work today and even better than it did before, not that the Soviet Union was socialist at all because stupid Stalin made it not socialist. He made it capitalist. 

Why would it work better? Because of technology, awareness, and history have informed us how to do it. And the most recent example of capitalism’s failure – the crash of 2008 – is what really blew the lid off the whole problem facing everyone in the world. I say yes – tax the hell out of the rich at 80%. Tax the businesses and the bourgeoisie! Retake control of all private property – which is theft – and give it back to the people.

Sure, some idiot (Giles at the “Financial Times”) looked at the numbers and noticed a couple flaws. So? How can he argue against what we all know intuitively to be true? Piketty may have made an error or two, but it doesn’t matter because his core truth – that inequality is rising because of capitalism and that socialism is the only answer – is correct.

Piketty’s opponents, of course, are imbued with the false consciousness that capitalism supplies all men and it is our fight to inform the people of the world and oppose the exploiters!


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