Hypermasculinity, Yes; But it’s Brad Pitt and Fight Club

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May 28, 2014 by smarmos12

Ann Hornaday in her article on masculinity in film raises an awesome point: that films are purveyors of real culture and also desired culture. They both reflect the real world and sell us a desired image of masculinity. However, I don’t think it’s the comedies of Apatow and Rogen that are completely to blame. No, the problem runs much deeper and is exemplified in the movie Fight Club.

In this movie, Brad Pitt is Tyler Durden. He smokes a lot, drinks, stays up late, plays pranks, and punches people for fun. Even worse, they fight to feel, and moreso to feel empowered. It’s the most anti-feminine movie there is. They even ask “why do I know what a douvet is?” LIke a real man can’t know that and still be a man.

Of course, there’s also an anarchist message to the film and we all know that anarchism and libertarianism do not work. That masculinity is tied to libertarianism is no surprise in this film – libertarians want nothing more than to live without rules and live violently. Examples of this violence are found throughout the film:

  • Tyler Durden has sex with a woman.
  • Durden also smokes and seems to enjoy it.
  • Durden eats meat.
  • Durden and Fight Club punch each other to become stronger and to bond.
  • Only men join fight Club.
  • Tyler Durden wants to destroy the government.
  • Tyler Durden is white.
  • Men in Fight Club cry about having boobs and feelings.

All of these make this movie the most dangerous statement of libertarianism there is. I’m surprised that HOrnaday focused on the comedies of Apatow. Yes, they’re misogynistic, but they also smoke a lot of marijuana which is totally okay as long as progressives tell us how much we can smoke, its so much bettter than tobacco which stinks…. SO….. bad.

Anyway, Fight Club is evil and should be banned and have trigger warnings.  

Pax, brothers.



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